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Information on Tutoring and General Education Services

Take advantage of our tutoring and general education services in Central Texas. Rocking C offers services to help you and your child thrive.

Speech and Language Development

These sessions help support, stimulate, and remediate language development and speech production.


Tutoring services are offered for 3-year-old kindergarten through 6th grade in any subject. Depending upon the customer and subject matter, the session may be one-on-one or in a group.



Babysitting includes interactive and nurturing care with educational or social stimulation as appropriate to the child's age. Scheduling is flexible. We are available weekdays, evenings, and weekends (with advanced notice), and may be one-time or ongoing.


Tinkergarten is a nationwide organization that strives to bring children, families, and communities outdoors to learn while playing. Our goals are to help children be ready to learn, be ready to thrive, and be ready for anything. The learning skills include communication, focus, social skills, sensory, empathy, resilience, wellness, problem-solving, persistence, collaboration, stewardship, and creativity.

Essential Oil Education, Consultation, and Products

Consultations and information are free. Product information and prices are available by request.


Tutoring Hours: Price
Pre-K Through 6th Grade 1 $20.00
Babysitting 1 $15.00 up to 2 children, add $5.00 per additional child
Service Hours: Price
Speech and Language Development Services 1/2 $25.00
Service Price
Tinkergarten Set by Tinkergarten When Registering for a Class
Service Price
Essential Oils FREE on request